Serving families of the greater Danbury area.

Childcare Associates of CT has been serving families of the greater Danbury area since 1980. More »

New babies are seen at the Danbury Hospital and followed up at the office for ongoing care.

We coordinate care for our patients with the Danbury Hospital when our patients are admitted or seen for emergency care. More »


Immunizations are given according to the recommendations of the American Board of Pediatrics. More »


Referrals to specialists will be made when needed. More »

Weekend and Holidays.

Weekend and Holiday coverage is done by our Child Care Associates physicians, and our covering physician which include Claire Free, M.D. More »


New Patient

New Patients

Expecting? Request a Prenatal Visit Now.

Our professional team provides the quality care your child needs and the advice and counsel you want. Our pediatricians are all board certified by the American Board of Pediatrics.


Having a baby is one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. We are committed to keeping your baby healthy.

Prenatal Visits

We offer prenatal consultations for expecting parents. During the visit a doctor will give you information about our practice and answer your questions about parenthood. Call 203-791-9599 to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians. These visits are not required.


We are affiliated with the Danbury Hospital. Once you have chosen a physician from our practice and notified the obstetrician of your choice, the hospital will notify us when your baby is born. One of our physicians will examine your baby at the hospital. You need an appointment at our office a few days after you take the baby home.

Our physicians do not go to any other hospitals. If your baby is born elsewhere, he or she needs to be seen two days after being released from the hospital.